Biggest dating mistakes men make

05-Jul-2018 06:58

ow that that’s great for a movie plot line and even for a girl you’ve been seeing for a while or your girlfriend, but in reality if you want to have an amazing date then you’re going to do want to do something really low-key initially for the first date. Instead set up something more relaxed like go meet her for coffee, go for a walk somewhere at a market that is going on, get a drink at a nice bar etc.The first date doesn’t need to be this really expensive, serious, formal dinner occasion. Go and do something really low key and casual, not something hugely expensive and formal.Mistake #1 – So many guys are actually doing the wrong kind of date.So many guys they see a movie and they see a guy and a girl sitting at table opposite each other having a really serious, formal expensive dinner to and they think that must be the way you date. It’s too formal, it’s too serious and most girls are going to be less likely come on that kind of a first date.You’ve gone to the trouble to get her there, and she’s made the effort to come and meet you. The more time you to spend together the more time to get more comfortable with each other, build a connection and get to know each other so it’s really important that you extend the date as long as possible.For example on a coffee date, when you finish your coffee then say “Hey, look we’re in a nice part of town here, let’s go for a walk around and see what’s happening”.A man wants to know what you’re passionate about the common interests you both have, as that’s what going to connect you.In general, women can talk a lot, but sometimes you need to focus on being able to focus on a sound bite that shines you in the best possible light.

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Often the opportunity is there but so many guys are just too afraid.

No matter what, it’s never a good idea to put down other women in any way.