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We still offer your daily dose of Hi quality Free Porn videos.Unfortunately our visitors became less interested in Gallery Links so we decided to start offering a daily updated collection of free XXX movies. If you prefer Porn links please visit the old site here.This cute subfusc teen has their way legs spread widely and a fixed cock hanging fire deep inside..I am just really curious what folks "Must Have" when it comes to companion mods, I just recently up to 28 Follower Mods, when I just decided, honestly I don't need them, I use them more for armor decorations around my homes, lol. Vilja: She just been hands down one my fav mods period. Not to mention she can also be a steward for one your homes in Hearthfire. Visarra: She's been my favorite sword n board tank buddy period.So I did a purge, deciding I was going cut down to 5, after much pondering, these I consider my top 5 "Must Have" ones. She's also seems to be very protective of you also, I've had her intercept people charging me faster then most other followers, not to mention she can introduce you to other Orcs, can be found very near Riverwood. As someone who plays stealth character 99.9% of the time I find companions completely useless because they start attacking and ruin my assassination tactics rather than helping out. Lady Brooksie: I don't know what it is about this one, I don't even remember getting her, but she's just been a strong workhorse for me, always gotten me out of crazy tight situations I get myself into when playing an absent minded mage more interested in books & shiny stuff, she been a fantastic bodyguard, as I got my face stuffed in bookshelves in old tombs.

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I am just curious what other folks top five favorites are, It's fun to see what & why.(Least for me anyways) the most important thing i look for in follower mods is always how immersive and lore friendly they are, and at the same time makes them unique and stand out amung the others. Valfar - im a big fan of the stormcloaks and this just completes it. I've been in a LOTR mood lately, so this mod's certainly enticing, but fully-voiced NPCs are hard to ignore. Tauriel (The Hobbit) - Same interest as WOME, albeit more of the fact that she's so well designed through the additional efforts of zzjay. I've just barely played around with Hoth, but he seems very well done. He has incredibly good voice acting (the best, I think), great local awareness, and just has lots of cool things to say. I also wish he would notice that I am a Dunmer before he started yelling at me for being racist against Dunmer.

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