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He said, We will make a close contact with our fans, or keep a distance within the touch of the tongue.

He said he had asked Bii to train him for the singing part, and boasted that hed collaborate with Bii for his future album. (Taipei November 2, 2015)Taiwanese new TV series Bromance had won great review and attracted over 100,000 fans, its major cast members including Baron (River) Chen, Megan Lai, Mandy Tao and Mingwei Yang, got together to celebrate its success.

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Now that Bi Ya Ruo is sworn brothers with Du Zi Han, will this expose her real identity?I might be warm first before pouring cold water over your head and then reheat you in the oven." He confessed that he didnt remember the last time he celebrated the Valentines Day and even the countdown party on the New Years Eve was meaningless for him. (Taipei March 17, 2016) Baron (River) Chen showed up at the press conference to promote the Taipei meeting of Bromances Asian Tour scheduled on March 19. He added, Id like to remind the audience to take a pair of sunglasses with you.