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09-Jul-2017 11:39

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Another friendly reminder that this will be a scammy area so buyer beware.A couple good known erotic sex massage parlors in Antwerp where happy endings are guaranteed is Sorayas Palace and All-In Massage. There is also an Asian massage parlor in front of the Hilton where the massage costs around 40e and a handjob happy ending will run you another 20e and more can be bartered for.There are many different alleys and walkways with window brothels where you can pick a prostitute and head inside.Sex is legal at the Schipperskwartier Red Light District and all the prostitutes are regulated and tested.This city is thought to have the best nightlife in Belgium so finding girls for sex in Antwerp won’t be hard.In fact there is a legal red light district, plenty of online escorts, and even some crazy BDSM sex parties that we can tell you about.You will notice the big sign at the entrance and there are 50 different rooms with girls inside.Most of the girls will be Eastern European, plenty of Bulgarian and Romanian ladies to choose from.

The only rules are that condoms must always be worn during sex and you can’t cum in a girls mouth during a blowjob without asking beforehand and having her say you are allowed.

Just Google ‘prostitutes in Antwerp’ or use hookers or escorts instead and you should have plenty of options.

This city is known to have the best nightlife in Belgium but that really isn’t saying much.

You will also find a few Asian and maybe some Latina or black girls.

This should be the cheapest sex in Antwerp with a pretty fixed rate of 50e for a 15 or 20 minute quickie.Some good bars and clubs to meet girls in Antwerp’s nightlife are: It is important to note that you really need to try and dress up in the nightlife here.