Andy and solbi really dating

23-May-2018 23:45

The footage of the performance was shown at the end of episode 8.

6th April - Episode 4 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

11th May - On Tablo radio show Andy said the percentage that he would date Solbi is 99%. Sixth Sense challenge where Andy sang ‘Propose’ for Solbi and looked very comfortable around her. 12/13th May - May I assume the recording of Episode 11 and 12 took place on these days? Apparently he was worried and may I say a little bit down because of people’s comments on a ’show’ he was on which I personally believe was ‘We Got Married’.

And there are possibilty of the pictures appearing today/yesterday in So Yu Jin’s homepage was taken. KBS2 Sang Sang Plus Season 2 episode 6 was aired, with Tak Jae Hoon jokingly remarked that Solbi was entirely being used by Andy, when Solbi asked ‘what about he acted like he likes you on TV and doesn’t even asnwer your call off-screen.’ May I speculate Andy’s feeling a little bit hurt by the ‘joke’ as he watched the show?

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May I add the actual cheek kissing picture in the frame we saw in the picture posted today/yesterday was from this recording.

16th May - May I assume they record Sang Sang Plus with Andy?

That will explain Solbi’s quietness and her efforts of distancing herself from Andy, if she received a lot of bad comments because of the picture emerged in So Yu Jin’s cyworld. 17th May - KBS2 Star Golden Bell, Andy revealed he had a 90% intention to date Solbi! that’s after they knew each other well enough and after he completed most of his schedule, such as album promotion, musical and movie 18th May - Episode 10 of ‘We Got Married’ to be shown, with Solbi’s parents. Andy’s ‘Meet the Parent’ was a success of course, I think her parents sort of like him. Its too precious to Solbi herself, why would her lost it?

4th May - During a radio show, the DJ asked him again if he would date Solbi.

But he only said no comment and just laughed it off. 6th May - Sang Sang Plus Season 2 show with Jun Jin and Dong Wan was aired, where Solbi said she would say yes if Andy initiates a relationship. Sixth Sense Challenge where Andy sang ’Propose’ to Solbi.

The footage from was shown in both episode 7 and 8. 5th April - Andy’s ‘Love Song’ performance in MBC Music Core in Star Cameo section and Solbi appeared to perform a duet.

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