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07-Oct-2017 13:44

(W2NRA) (Coded by K3CT) Limit Spyserver connection to LAN or when using DX Log (Coded by N1MM) Error logging for Spyserver (Coded by N1MM) Fixed red dot and red frame for SO1V.

(PA0CMU) (Coded by N2IC) Digital: Any of the 3 Digital engines can not be used as recievers for Tiny FSK window.

(WB9SBD) (Coded by K3CT) Fixed bug that sometimes misidentified SSB spots as digital spots.

(Coded by N2IC) Fixed incorrect SO2R red and green dot and red call frame in some scenarios.

(Coded by N2AMG) Digital: When grabbing calls from the grab window was not functioning correctly with the callstack. (Coded by N2AMG) Digital: When QSY Wipes is selected and when tuning the program now clears the Grab Window and the main RX window.

Same happens when using QSY Always clears the Grab Window. (coded by N2AMG) Configuer: Changes wording for JTAlert port settings indicating the settings are used also for WSJT directly logging to N1MM.

(Coded by N2AMG) Digital: Fix for RX windows clearing when QSYing and setting was not set.

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(K1XM) (Coded by N2IC) Support IF frequency for Airspy HF .(Coded by K3CT) QSO Party rover mode: Ignore question mark in Sent Exchange field in log setup form.(KD4CB) (Coded by N2IC) Added error message when port can not be opened due to erroneous baud rate.(RW4NW) (Coded by NA3M) 3.92 MB N1MM Logger Update 1.0.7149FT-DX3000: When recording a voice message with the radio codec, place the radio in TX.

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stop updating dns record connection

(W7GES)(Coded by K3CT) 3.92 MB N1MM Logger Update 1.0.7147MO QSO Party: Added the second bonus station callsign.(SP5JSZ) (Coded by K3CT) Tiny FSK: Reciever window setting was not saving correctly.