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Pastorius' "Franconia Rediviva" 20 Title Page of "Franconia Rediviva" 22 Marriage Record of F.

Warburg in Westphalia about 1650 2 Title Page of 'M. Pastorius' "Liber Intimissimus" 16 Frontispiece of ^L A.

Gutmann of Som- merhausen; His Honor the Burgomaster and the City Secretary of Windsheim; Rev. The son of a judge and litterateur, he had been trained in the universities of Europe, and his powers had been broadened by travel and public discussion.

In Europe: Her Ladyship Countess Christine von Rech- teren-Limpurg in Sommerhausen ; Lehrer Fr. Naish of the Bevan-Naish Library, Birmingham, England. a movement marking the beginning of German immigration into North America and the first manifestation with respect to race of that broad and liberal catholic spirit which differentiated Pennsylvania from the other colonies and later made her the fruitful source of American institutions and modes of thought.

It is the result of long and patient research in original sources in the Archives of Europe and America, and presents much new matter hitherto unpublished.

y ■ ci'j-ce PREFACE This is a documentary life of Francis Daniel Pastorius and his times. Brumbaugh of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Professor D.

Considerable additional information con- cerning him was given in The Settlement of Gennantozi'n, by a later author. Sachse has also written ^;^q'^ / il nrjii Lv.n /hrj^ ran r.i ':■'■• '':-■■ ^ 'I '-jri^r? Pastorius' Mother 28 Inner and Outer Wall of Sommerhausen 30 House of ^L A.

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/\ n; -9wo T X Illustrations Opposite Page Old Schoolhouse in Windsheim 88 View of the Cemetery in Sommerhausen 90 M. Pastorius' Epitaph, written by himself 94 Rent Receipt of the Frankfurt Company no Sommer Tea Room in the "Schloss" at Sommerhausen 112 Calendar of Pastorius' Life 114 Rathaus in Sommerhausen 116 Sommerhausen in 1903 118 Qock Tower in Sommerhausen 120 Letter of F. Pastorius to His Parents, 1684 124 Sichere Nachricht auss America 128 Warrant for Survey of Land for Dutch and German Purchasers....


The author wishes to make public acknowledgment to the following for the friendly assistance given him during the prepa- ration of this work. Pennypacker of Penn T)acker's Mills, Pennsylvania; Dr.

Additionally, the success of campus projects generally depends not only on student interest, but also on some degree of administrative and financial backing from the institution.

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The project’s outcomes include three parts aimed at motivating institutional support and student action, while reducing stigma surrounding the use of services. He was a lawgiver, as well as pedagogue, who composed the first Pennsylvania primer.

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