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21-Jun-2018 05:19

This is called internally * by render Rows and performs the actual string building for the rows - it does not inject HTML into the DOM.

* @param columns The column data acquired from get Column Data.

* This class does not provide ways to manipulate the underlying data. This function should return the CSS class name (or empty string '' for none) that will be added * to the row's wrapping div.

To apply multiple class names, simply return them space-delimited within the string * (e.g., 'my-class another-class').

* @param row The row index in which to find the cell. * @param index The column index * @return The td element.

*/ get Header Cell : function(index), // manipulating elements // private - use get Row Class to apply custom row classes add Row Class : function(row, cls), // private remove Row Class : function(row, cls), // private remove Row : function(row), // private remove Rows : function(first Row, last Row), // scrolling stuff // private get Scroll State : function(), // private restore Scroll : function(state), /** * Scrolls the grid to the top */ scroll To Top : function(), // private sync Scroll : function(), // private sync Header Scroll : function(), // private update Sort Icon : function(col, dir), // private update All Column Widths : function(), // private update Column Width : function(col, width), // private update Column Hidden : function(col, hidden), /** * @private * Renders all of the rows to a string buffer and returns the string.

All samples of course assume you’re doing everything in your page, but I have to do everything in my code-behind, because on forehand I don’t know what I’ll be binding to my Grid View.

2 0 gridview rowindex rowupdating-60

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But as I noted in the comments in that method, some collections that should contain the columns (names, old values and new values) are always empty. And the Row Updated method is never even touched!!! NET Forums that I need to use a Data Source control.

If columns are * later resized (manually or programmatically), the other columns in the grid will be resized * to fit the grid width.

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